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6th. street viaduct, large painting.jpg

6th. Street Viaduct. acrylic on canvas 96" x 66" 2008


Los Angeles River Bridges

Better to build bridges than walls or battleships. My attention turned to the LA 

River downtown, for most of the year a green ribbon of recycled water. One bridge 

in particular, the Macy Street Bridge, became my model. The grandiose aspirations and sadly displaced persons of LA, random metaphors for dominance and progress, are here on my doorstep. 

In these bridges, alongside industrial engineering and steel spans, there are 

glimpses of Versailles and ancient Rome - an illusion, enhanced by the destitute. 

It is easy to imagine oneself partaking in the middle-distance adventures of a Piranesi etching. I love LA moments like these. Allowing the neo-baroque bridges to play upon my mind, haunted by the dark underbelly of their structures, their curves within curves reminding me of Leibniz's "folds in the soul." My obsessions continue in this baroque world, which I gravitate to drawing, photographing, just viewing. 

Although ultimately, painting itself is the subject: the interwoven trellises, striations,  

a matrix in uneven translucencies; from within, there is no need for a window since I am still outside.                                     DE.'09

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